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Social Programs

Karuna-Shechen supports social initiatives that include homes for the elderly, vocational training, family planning programs, and assistance to abused women and children. These programs help under-served people to empower themselves and better their lives.

In Nepal, the Shechen Clinic Palliative Care Unit helps patients’ families find solutions to problems caused by the illness of the main caregiver or breadwinner and find support for their children so that they can continue their education.  A small unit at the clinic is devoted to counseling women and children who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorders) and depression caused by domestic violence and war. Karuna-Shechen continues to support “Ama House,” a small home for abused and disabled women.

In India, the Shechen Medical and Mobile Clinics operates a number of outreach programs.

A "Poor People’s Fund" is reserved for medical and social cases requiring specialized treatment or attention in Tibet. We have also contributed to help the victims of the Yushu earthquake.